All equipments I choosed and why

D700 (Nikon )

I choosed the D700 instead of the D3 because is smaller, lighter and more handy. It is the perfect camere for my activities as nature & outdoors photographer. Incredible his quality at 800/1600 ASA.
D2X (Nikon )

I use it with mounted the 18-200 zoom VR for all generic uses at 200 ASA. I'm very happy of that and I do not think to change it to continue to use with long telephoto to increment their focal without extender.

Very good for general uses. I mount on D2X and I'm very happy

Magic! With extender 1,4 X and 2X and the bodies D700 and D2X I have focal lenghts from 300 to 900 mm.

Perfect to photograph insects but also for food close ups. I use it a lot underwater with D50.
D50 (Nikon)

I use it as underwater body with case and flash of Nimar with the 105 macro and 10 mmm fish eye and 18-80 zoom.

I use it al lot underwater but also on land with D2X, correcting after with specific software.
D900 Flash (Nikon)

I always take with me 3 D900, one as master and 2 as slaves. When need I add a D800. I enjoy to play with light effects that can be obtained in still life but also in interiors and archeology pictures adding also fires, candles, whatever other lights available.
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